Valerie Lynch, VAS

Melbourne-born Valerie Lynch studied painting from tutors in the Max Meldrum Realist School with Max Casey and Alan Martin. This training, combined with her experimentation and experience in oil, watercolour, drawing and pastel, has helped to formulate her style of painting.

Other tutors include David Taylor (water colour), David Moore (gouache and oil) and Palma Kaili-Nagy (life drawings).

Valerie is known for her diverse subjects which include landscape, marine, complex buildings, still life, figures and flowers.

Travelled extensively to paint and view Galleries overseas.

Subjects of her works are from her trips overseas and Australia, which always include some of her favourite boating spots. Flowers are also a favourite subject of which some are grown in her garden.

Valerie has held Solo and Group Exhibitions overseas and Australia and her paintings are represented in private collections in Australia and Overseas. She is a recipient of many Awards and Commendations.

Valerie has tutored students from 1983 at Mitcham Art Assoc. and at her home Studio until 1998.



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